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Stress Relief Relax

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  • Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules

    Stress is known as a silent killer; it can affect all areas of the body, triggering skin conditions, insomnia, anxiety and digestive issues. A natural and herbal formulation designed to promote alertness and healthy sleep patterns, relieve nervousness and restlessness, Relax will support your body and your mind when you need it the most. 

    During times of stress, the hypothalamus sends out stress hormones to trigger your body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. This response is designed to protect your body in an emergency, however, when the stress response is chronic, it could really effect your health negatively. Focusing on re-establishing alertness and clarity during times of mental fatigue or strain, Relax also supports healthy sleep patterns, allowing the body to recover and rest. Using traditional Western herbal medicine, these natural ingredients support symptoms associated with mild anxiety and stress and promote clarity and mental alertness.

    No refrigeration required.



    • Supports physical endurance in healthy individuals
    • Relieves weariness and weakness in healthy individuals
    • Assists in adapting to stress in healthy individuals
    • Reduces symptoms of mild anxiety
    • Supports healthy sleep patterns
    • Decreases time to fall asleep
    • Relieves disturbed and restless sleep
    • Supports cognitive function in healthy individuals

    *Based on traditional herbal medicine, use only as directed. AUSTL 283012.

  • Recommended Adult Dosage:

    Take one capsule, twice daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional. If symptoms persist, please consult your healthcare practitioner.


    Key Ingredients:

    • Passionflower to help relieve nervousness and restlessness
    • Lemonbalm to relieve symptoms associated with stress and mild anxiety
    • Rhodiola to help temporary relief of symptoms of mental fatigue and feelings of weakness
    • Rehmannia may assist with healthy adrenal function