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Luna 3 Plus

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  • Cleansing Tool

    The ultimate beauty lovers guide to the deepest skincare cleanse. The Luna 3 Plus is a step up from the Luna 3 with added micro current treatments to target areas of the face to result in a natural facelift. This ultra advanced cleansing tool will ensure no more money spent on facials, with this at home high-tech, thermo cleaning and toning device, clearing any dirt and impurities whilst firming and lifting the skin.

    The Luna 3 Plus is the first step to achieving a purified and glowing complexion with this at home  facial beauty tool. T-Sonic™ pulsations work to rid the skin of dirt, oil, makeup and any impurities, whilst the thermo-tech provides a heated cleanse, stimulating the skin with electrical energy, improving the firmness and plumpness of the skin. The Luna 3 Plus is made from silicone to provide a soft touch on the skin as well as being hygienic and easy to clean. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, this convenient and easy-to-use tool will change the way you cleanse for good!



    • Guaranteed to last a lifetime
    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Rechargeable, up to 125 beauty treatments per charge
    • Silicone material meaning it is easy to clean
    • Thermo cleansing with T-Sonic™ pulsations and silicone touch points for a deep and heated facial cleanse
    • Gently stimulates the skin with electrical energy, firming and plumping the skin
    • 3 options to choose from based on skin type; normal, combination or sensitive skin type


    Remove makeup, dampen skin and apply desired cleanser (recommended FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser). Press universal button to activate cleansing mode. Cleanse with circular motions all over face. Press and hold button for three seconds to turn off. Rinse the Luna 3 Plus and pat-dry face, followed by your skincare regime.