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Botanical Brush Cleaner™

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  • Brush Cleaner, 118ml

    For completely cleansed and ready-to-use makeup tools, the Botanical Brush Cleaner™ will rapidly clean any brush, removing any unwanted bacteria and oil, whilst being gentle on the bristles. This quick-drying cleaner, enhanced with beneficial minerals will leave your brushes clean and fluffy. No more bacteria clogged brushes, resulting in healthier skin!

    A necessary staple in any makeup lovers beauty bag. The Botanical Brush Cleaner™ will remove any nasties and unwanted oil and grime from your brushes, leaving them ready to perfect your makeup application. Ideal for anyone in a rush with this quick-drying formula. The Botanical Brush Cleaner™ will ensure natural and synthetic brushes are left in like new condition.



    • Quick-drying 
    • Easily dissolves the build-up of unwanted oils and grime in brushes
    • Safe to use on bristles and extends their longevity 
    • Enhanced with grapefruit oil and seaweed extracts, leaving the brushes moisturised and fluffy 

  • Spray a towel a few times, making sure it is damp, then swipe makeup brushes back and forth to clean.


    Key Ingredients:

    • Witch hazel has multiple benefits for the skin including reducing inflammation of the skin leaving an even toned complexion. It also works to reduce excess oil within the skin and helping to control acne 
    • Grapefruit essential oil has properties such as antibacterial and antioxidants to promote healthy, glowing skin, as well as preventing and treating acne 
    • Grapefruit seed extract has benefits in reducing acne and controlling oil balance within the skin