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PureBrow® Brow Gel

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  • Eyebrow Gel, 4.8g

    Want to control your unruly brows? The PureBrow® Brow Gel is your answer! Create bold and beautiful brows in one simple step. Whether you are trying to achieve the perfect bold brow or the natural untamed look, the formula allows you to work it as desired. Available in clear and tinted options, PureBrow® Brow Gel is perfect for anyone wanting smooth and healthy brows.

    Condition and sculpt your eyebrows with PureBrow® Brow Gel, giving brows a smooth and defined shape. Create the brows you desire with this formula able to be applied in varying intestines. Whether you are after a defined and bold brow, or a naturally untamed look, this brow product will work in your favour. PureBrow® Brow Gel utilises a blend of high-tech sea minerals to leave brows healthier than before using the gel. The option for a clear or tinted gel ensures the look is suited to individual preference.



    • Tames unruly brows, providing a perfectly smooth and defined eyebrow shape 
    • Option of tinted or clear 
    • Can also be used as a mascara or to cover grey hairs 
    • Adds depth to eyebrows and an ability to use the formula as desired for a number of different intensity levels 
    • The smooth, long-lasting formula will stay all day, without smudging or flaking 
    • Clear shade is suitable for vegans 

  • Lightly stroke the brush with product onto the eyebrows in desired direction, adding depth and keeping hairs in place. As a mascara, apply as you normally would with other mascara formulas.


    Key Ingredients:

    • Beeswax has many anti-inflammatory properties along with acting as a protective barrier between the skin and the environment without clogging pores. The natural wax helps to calm skin and tame stray hairs to get the perfect hold
    • Vitamin B5 prevents hair loss, promoting the look of healthier and fuller brows. This vitamin not only softens and strengthens the hairs, but locks in moisture 
    • Meadowfoam seed oil when applied to your hair creates a protective seal to aid moisturise retention
    • Radish root extract helps to reduce oiliness and provides moisture for healthier-looking brows