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UFO Acai Berry Mask

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  • Face Mask, 6 Pieces

    A powerful source of antioxidants that your skin will adore. The UFO™ Acai Berry mask will leave your skin luxuriously smooth and supple, promoting that sought after glow. Visible signs of ageing will be reduced in one easy step with this go-to mask.

    The power of the açai berry will be understood after using this mask. One of the worlds most rich antioxidant foods, the UFO™ Acai Berry mask will not only intensely hydrate the skin, but will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles to give the appearance of youthful and radiant skin. The benefits of shea butter are utilised to improve skin texture and maintain good hydration levels.



    • Fits perfectly with the Foreo UFO™
    • Provides antioxidants to the skin from the açai berry to protect and nourish, reducing signs of ageing
    • Plumps the skin, giving off a healthy and youthful glow

  • Remove the ring from the UFO and take your chosen mask from the sachet. Secure the mask onto the UFO™ and clip the ring back on.


    Key Ingredients:

    • Acai berry rich in antioxidants, promoting collagen production and decreasing signs of ageing, leaving the skin with that flawless and youthful glow
    • Shea butter works to hydrate and protect the skin from natures elements